Pedal Boat – Paddle Boats

Welcome to the fashionable world of recreational water transport: pedal boats. It is believed that the Leonardo da Vinci drew the first version of paddle-powered watercraft. This is why pedal boats can still be referred to as “paddle boats”. Regardless, boats propelled by human pedal power are popular!

Pedal boats have several appeals: cost-effective transport, leisure exercise and fun. Pedal boats are an accessible way for water lovers to enjoy boating without the elite expense of full-sized boats. To put it another way, consumers are opting for the kind of self-powered, modest water craft that is affordable and good for human health.

Of course, caveat emptor still applies: let the buyer beware. Buyers must look for several features when considering prospective pedal boat models: hull materials, flotation capacity, steerage, motor back-up and performance. Research the experiences of others in our reviews section, and educate yourself with our easy-to-read features on industry players and their products.