KL Industries Aqua Sun Dolphin 5 Paddle Boat

Is the KL Industries Aqua Sun Dolphin 5 Paddle Boat Right for You?

Consumers often cite “the little things” in premium boating experiences, whether they be aboard a luxury liner or a pedal boat. The KL Industries Aqua Sun Dolphin 5 is modeled for leg room, piloting comfort and modest cost. In fact, this model is made to be functional and affordable. Those whose prime purpose is to get out on the water with the available funds will likely find the Aqua Sun Dolphin 5 to be KL’s answer.

What is the Aqua Sun Dolphin 5 Paddle Boat?

The Aqua Sun Dolphin is an economy-class lightweight jaunt for occasional leisure boating fans on a budget.  KL Industries’ designed this pedal boat to provide maximum bench-seat comfort in the front with jumper seats for little ones in the back. The Aqua Sun Dolphin features lightweight, durable polystyrene foam flotation and UV-stabilized Fortiflex® polyethylene deck and hull. Although the Aqua Sun Dolphin holds up to 825 pounds of passengers, its exceptional length (93 inches) makes it a luxury trip for two.

How Does It Work?

The KL Aqua Sun Dolphin 5 has three-position cranks for up to three-person pedaling, but its body design is most comfortable for two primary front-seat pilots. Its hull and deck are available in complimentary colors such as cream-and-aqua. Boaters opting for light-colored decks are cooler in the heat of the day, with coolers in the back as supply ports for snacks and beverages . This model, almost 7-feet long, weighs only 110 pounds: easy to carry. The KL Industries Aqua Sun Dolphin 5 is equally easy to maintain, in or out of the water.

What Are People Saying…?

” The happy day arrived…there was my teal and beige pedal boat, shiny, new and pretty and ready to be carried to the waiting lake in the back yard. It’s delightful to take a late-afternoon boat ride by yourself, and the pedal boat is surprisingly nimble and responsive in the water. Doesn’t take too much effort to move merrily down the stream.

It’s a lot of fun for one or two people, but add a couple more people to the rear part of the boat and it’ll slow your speed down a LOT. I can’t imagine having a FIFTH person (in-between the two front seats), because that’d be a tight squeeze.

In conclusion…it’s a SWEET deal for under $500.”
– Rosemary Thornton, Amazon.com

“Very easy to pedal. Feels very sturdy in spite of light weight. Plenty of room for at least 3 large adults (me and 2 grown sons had a blast!) 5 person would probably include a couple of small children. The canopy that came on mine was a life saver, though. Made it very comfortable to ride in the middle of a 90-degree day. Great fun on our small lake.”
– “jfk3”: Amazon.com

Is This the Right Product For You?

Sometimes, filling to capacity is outweighed by the ease of more modest expectations.  The KL Industries Aqua Sun Dolphin 5 offers premium two-person boating with five-person capability at a price that won’t break the bank. It caters to simple boating needs while maintaining basic safety standards. Pedal boat beginners may be wise to try this modest investment to explore the whole water-craft world.

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