KL Industries Sun Dolphin V Pedal Boat Review

Is the KL Industries Sun Dolphin V Pedal Boat with Canopy Right for You?

Water experiences take many forms. For leisure boaters is search of a convenient get-away that won’t break the bank, the KL Sun Dolphin V is an economical pedal boat for one captain and a couple of friends (preferably one being little for the middle seat). Where other models are designed for back-seat passengers, the Sun Dolphin V is designed for maximum front-seat comfort. Back seats make way for plenty of storage. Accordingly, the Sun Dolphin V is a little shorter (84 inches) and its maximum load capacity is 600 pounds.

What is the Sun Dolphin V Pedal Boat?

The Sun Dolphin V is KL Industries’ pedal boat version of an economy class vehicle suited to maximum comfort in the front seats. It features closed cell polystyrene foam flotation and UV-stabilized Fortiflex® polyethylene deck and hull. The new plastics are so tough that watercraft designers conclude they are most resilient to sealing out water and reforming after being dented. The Sun Dolphin V front bench-seat hold two primary drivers and a little co-captain in between. Contoured back supports mean this pleasure craft is meant to be driven.

How Does It Work?

The KL Sun Dolphin V has three-position cranks, so the boat can be driven on the power of one, two or three people. Its light-colored deck is cooler in the heat, and the coolers in the back will help. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material reduces ultra-violet color fading, so the boat will stand extended sun exposure. The Sun Dolphin V feature extended length (86 inches) and carries up to 600 pounds. Each of the main passengers needs only reach behind their seat for instant access to storage and cooler in case of heat. However, two able bodies can easily carry the Sun Dolphin to its point of departure, because it weighs only 100 pounds.

What Are People Saying…?

“Very happy with this purchase. It came just as it was promised right on time and in perfect shape. Kids are having fun.”
– Nanamarie, Amazon.com

Is This the Right Product For You?

For the glass-half-full consumer, the KL Industries Sun Dolphin V represents luxury for two. This model features rear-storage space fitted for royalty, high-back seat support, recessed drink holders and sturdy hull design at economy price. It may not have all the proverbial bells and whistles, but the Sun Dolphin contains the crucial ingredients of a spacious watercraft experience for two. Couples with a small child can fit the little in the front seat. Of course, the KL Industries Sun Dolphin V is upgradable for salt-water boating fun. In fact, buyers could consider this as a base model upon which to add optional cushions and a mooring cover. Go basic or go deluxe.