KL Industries Water Wheeler 5 Person Pedal Boat Review

Is the KL Industries Water Wheeler Electric ASL 5 Person Pedal Boat Right for You?

Pedal boaters love the water, but they seek it for varying experiences. Some people like pedal boats for their novelty. Others consider them a viable transport vehicle. Many people have pedal boats for summer sun and exercise on the water. KL Industries has designed the Water Wheeler Electric ASL to fit several circumstances, from two-passenger lounging in the sun to a family outing with pedal power.

What is the Water Wheeler Electric ASL 5 Person Pedal Boat?

KL Industries builds industry-competitive pedal boats with added distinctions. Consumers benefit from researching them in order to best define the hidden values of the Water Wheeler Electric ASL5. Specifically, KL designers included an internal linkage steering system, optional salt water drive and a five-year deck and hull warranty. Add this to the industry standards for pedal boats, and the Water Wheeler Electric ASL5 ranks as a strong candidate for family pedal boating.

How Does It Work?

The ASL5 meets industry standards for family pedal boats. Up to five people can lounge or pedal in a high-density polyethylene hull which bolsters closed-cell polystyrene foam flotation. In the age of evolutionary technology, plastic is tough and durable. Its density makes it lighter (130 pounds) and more capable of bearing heavier passenger loads – up to 800 pounds in the Water Wheeler Electric ASL 5. This 7-foot, 7-inch watercraft seats three adults and two kids with built-in cooler (or storage area) for convenience. Whether seeking to lounge in the sun or pedal for exercise, the KL Industries ASL5 offers options for the water.

What Are People Saying…?

“We have had this paddle boat for a couple of seasons now and it has served the purpose for which it was purchased (putting around our cove of the lake). It is fun to move from dock to dock and visit with people.”

– DR Basso, Amazon.com

“I found the boat to be extremely stable and loads of fun. The pedals move while the boat is under electric power so the adults just ‘lounge’ with our feet on the side of the boat staying free of the pedals.”

– Dennis, Amazon.com

” Even though the pedals are there, you probably won’t want to use them since the boat is willing to do the work for you. It’s good to have the option though, in case the battery dies on you.”
– Andrew, Amazon.com

Is This the Right Product For You?

With its inclusive design, the KL Industries Water Wheeler Electric ASL 5 is likely to satisfy the demands of most pedal boaters. Two friends who want to go off-shore for some quiet sun can lay under the sun with a trolling motor doing the work. Exercisers can pool their pedal power to make a paddling trip of it. Families of up to five people can fit in the Water Wheeler to hop from point-to-point by water.

The Water Wheeler Electric ASL comes with an assortment of optional accessories to customize the experience: cushions, mooring cover and on-board storage cooler. If versatility creates an appealing product, the KL Industries Water Wheeler Electric ASL 5 is likely to fit the requirements of many pedal boaters.