Paddle Boat Summer Fun

Paddle boat lovers get out the household detergents and give her a good soak and a wipe-down. Sticklers check details: rudder, rotor blade, hull condensation, bumps and bruises from last year’s adventures. If this a chore, its pleasure is in the joys to come.

What’s So Cool about A Paddle Boat?

No two paddle boaters are completely alike, except for their love of water. Humanity’s love for paddle boats is synonymous with riverboats powered by paddle wheels. Humans soon attached motors to such concepts as early as 1787, but paddle propulsion never faded from human memory.

The modern paddle boat is a summer recreation vehicle powered by people (although many have back-up trolling motors).

What Can A Paddle Boat Do?

That depends on your use for a paddle boat, and the kind of craft that best summer fun for you. Generally, paddle boat manufacturers produce watercraft for between one and five passengers with up to three propulsion pedals. These watercraft comfortably seat two primary drivers in the front with optional back seats that have a little less room. Depending on the paddle boat, back seat space can come in the form of excess storage.

A paddle boat can be used for lake transport, sight-seeing, exercise, remote sun worship, fishing (although you must stand carefully) and any other summer fun that is waterborne. One key distinction is between fresh water and salt water use. Consumers can add a salt water option to any base model of paddle boat. Once decided, its use depends on your desires.

How Do I Learn More?

The Internet provides manufacturing resources powered by web site user feedback. For example, exists to inform readers and provide forums for consumer input on paddle boat experiences. Since this is a summer recreation, you are unlikely to find national paddle boat associations. However, this form of summer fun is considered an outgrowth of canoeing and kayaking. Start by exploring the explorers, their stories and their opinions of various watercraft.

What Do Look for in a Paddle Boat?

There are several important factors, but two reign most supreme:

  1. Hull resilience: in this day and age, plastics have become tough and durable enough to form dent-resistant paddle boat hulls. Generally, there are two pieces: the deck and the hull. They are joined in manufacturing, but don’t worry if a little water seeps between them. That’s normal. The main advantage with plastic hulls is that they can bend back into shape (like memory foam) when dented areas are exposed to direct sunlight.
  2. Passengers and weight load: it seems obvious, but it’s important. Every paddle boat is manufactured with weight load capacities. Just be sure to check those specs before purchase. Some models have fold-down front seats for lounging and carrying back-seat passengers.

Every paddle boat is a self-contained adventure in summer fun. Enjoy it.