Pedal Boat Maintenance and Storage

As with any other investment, pedal boat owners extend the life of watercrafts by tending to them appropriately.

Storage is an important factor for pedal boats. Although these watercraft are designed to withstand weather conditions, pedal boats are most often used seasonally. Therefore, owners need to be aware that is important to properly store pedal boats over winter months, so they can be easily restored and readied for prime time. It is best to provide sheltered storage for pedal boats, because extended exposure to the elements can cause water and debris to accumulate. This makes clean-up more difficult. Also, certain types of debris may erode hull integrity over time (if debris is not regularly removed). To store the boat, open its drain plug and stand it up on its front bow. By storing it that way, or upside down, you ensure that any remaining water drains. There are only two

Pedal boat maintenance is practical and crucial to long-lasting performance. Upon pulling your pedal boat from the water, drain any accumulated water between the deck and the hull. When beaching the boat, try to avoid the asphalt, rocks and sharp rocks that create excess wear on the hull. After all, hull integrity is boat integrity. Experts recommend that owners clean their boats after each usage, especially if traversing salt water. Use warm, fresh water. Modern pedal boat materials are friendly to most detergents. Polyethylene hulls sometime flex to create impressions on weight-bearing points. If you see such a dent, relieve the pressure on it and let direct sunshine warm the plastic back into shape. This might take hours, it might take a couple of weeks. It depends on temperature and degree of distortion. If possible, place your pedal boat on the south side of a building. Keep these tips in mind, and enjoy many years of pedal boating.