Pedal Boats: The Big Three

The pedal boat industry is dominated by three companies which manufacture products suited to different consumers niches.

KL Industries specializes in passenger pedal boats for pairs and young families. The Sun Dolphin line features models built primarily for two-passenger comfort and young families. These boats feature storage space tailored to the number of passengers aboard. Storage coolers in the middle rear are universal to all KL models, which range in price from mid-range Sun Dolphins to high-end electric motored water wheelers.

Pelican International builds lounging pedal boats with biomechanical designs and wider seating areas. Clearly, these models are meant for longer periods on the water. That’s why all but one Pelican pedal boat models come with canopies. Pelican boats hold up to five seating positions with 800-pound weight capacity. Back rests can be adjusted for recline or folded down for full-length rest on the water. Pelican’s RAM-XTM technology provides high impact resistance. Most models fall in the mid-to-high price range.

Future Beach produces vivid self-bailing pedal boats specially designed with roto-molded construction. The “Water Bee” models range in passenger capacity in the mid-to-high price range for stylish and sporty looks in blue and yellow. The roto-mold method makes Future Beach pedal boat hulls more flexible than thermo-formed and blow-molded hulls. The “Water Bee” tends to weigh slightly more than other pedal boats due to the higher-side designs and body detail.