Pelican Boats Flash-5 Passenger Pedal Boat Review

If ever a five-passenger pedal boat resembles the seating arrangement of an SUV, the Pelican Flash is it. Pack the family into this pedal boat, and there’s still room enough for a cooler and a two-branch canopy. Flash-5 continues Pelican International’s development of lightweight, durable family watercraft.

Pelican International’s history has helped the company to a competitive edge in materials development. Since the company was established in 1968, Pelican has specialized in the technique of fusing decks and hulls into one piece – a practice called thermoforming. The evolution of plastics technology has enabled Pelican to develop exclusive hull materials, such as RAM-XTM, Poly-XRTM and XcelCoreTM . The Flash-5 pedal boat contains RAM-XTM , which is known for its durability and impact resistance. Modern plastics dent on impact, but they regain their original shape. Obviously, that depends on the degree of impact. However, Nonetheless, Pelican International has invested significantly in hull integrity. Its Flash-5 pedal boat is an example of a single high-density polyethylene body with impact resistance and UV-protected exterior finish by design.

The fusion of decks and hulls is important to the maintenance of Pelican Flash-5. As all boaters know, excess water between deck and hull can cause problems. From purely a maintenance standpoint, it means that owners must make sure to drain that water after each trip. Otherwise, it collects where it sits. In salt-water, this can contribute to erosion of hull integrity over time. Practically, the fusion of deck-and-hull eliminates the need to drain the pedal boat after each use. Multiple uses over the boat’s lifespan and you save a lot of time on draining the pedal boat.

The Pelican Flash-5 passenger pedal boat has several user-friendly features. Designers equitably distributed seat space for family comfort. Its 91-inch length provides plenty of leg-room for front-seat propulsion while adjustable passenger seats face back-to-back. There is a storage cooler in between the back seats, and the lid can bear the weight of a child-on-the-move to a better view. Lightweight materials provide maximum load carriage, and the Pelican-5 fits that bill. It weighs only 111 pounds, but can hold up to 775 pounds. Also, the Pelican-5 has a “kick-up” rudder system, so users can beach the boat without worry about propulsion damage underneath. The Pelican Flash-5 comes in two color tones: mountain mist deck with a steel blue hull.

Pelican keeps alternate propulsion in mind for those less able to paddle their pedal boats. Battery power is an available option for the Flash-5. As common sense suggests, it is wise to always ensure the security and operation of that battery at all times. Prior to departure from the shoreline, beware that the propeller is well-secured to the motor. Otherwise, the motor will not work in your moment of need. Owners of electric models need to store their pedal boats with the motor in elevated position. Buyers can rest on the security of motorized propulsion as a convenient back-up.

The Pelican Flash-5 Passenger Pedal Boat qualifies as a credible candidate for family boating fun.